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The phone rings and I pick it up. Someone in a low whisper is asking to make an appointment to speak with me. Their boss just left the room. They need to learn something fast and time is running out. I can hear the shame in their voice. This is a sensitive topic for a lot of people. There is something to be said about faking it until you make it. Some jobs require a statistical aptitude and it’s a learning curve. You may know somethings but not others. Your boss may provide minimal guidance on what is necessary to do the work. You feel inadequate. The impostor syndrome raises it’s ugly head and now you are worried about losing employment.

Some people secretly come to me (under confidentiality) to help them prepare for an interview or learn a new skill for the job. I do not ask questions. I could care less where you work. My role is to train you up to a particular comfort level with the work.

Now I recall my corporate years, where I had read a lot of instruction manuals. Each document provided specific steps for doing the job. I quickly realized that the instructions lacked important details to do the work. ..There is a phenomenon that happens in the workplace where people purposely withhold information. Why does it happen? I do not know. But as a result, I get a lot of phone calls. Sometimes, people come to me for a sounding board. Other times, they need help with articulating their statistical requests with others. Whatever the case may be you deserve to get the help you seek. The people around you who know the work- learned it first. YES even Johnny in the corner who always seems to get the right answer. He learned it first. Stephanie may be able to produce complex graphics with her name on it. But she had to do her research first. No one was born speaking statistics. I have quietly observed the habits of others at work. There are people who contact their colleagues for help under the radar. It is done. People do it. And so can you. Give me a call.

-Moore to Follow Amy

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