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The science world is slowing accepting other forms of statistical program outside of SAS and SPSS. There is R programming. Many people need to use it. Some know it. R programming is a free software package that allows you to produce statistical results for your publications. It is free. You can download it right…this…minute. That’s right you can use R programming . There are several data hubs and articles that give you hints about coding in R. Some sources are better than others. However,I want you to be clear on one thing- R needs a bridge for learning. There is a gap between understanding R and the language itself. If you are a non-techy, that gap grows wider. And the reason for this is because it’s developed by programmers not teachers. So if you want to learn R – you need to get serious. Buy a book that structures the concepts in a way that you can learn the basics. I wrote a book entitled Getting your Feet Wet with R. I even have data files that you can use to follow along with the book. I am not a programmer or teacher – I am both. The book is popular. Download it today to work on your skills in R!

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