Welcome to Moore Statistics Consulting LLC!

We have a variety of statistical products and services for doctoral and other graduate-level students.
We offer our statistics consulting services to professionals in terms of publications and personal growth. Moreover, all of our consulting services are offered under the ‘How it Works page’ of the moorestat.com site.
Firstly, do you have a difficult statistics homework assignment? We have statistical tutoring services that are perfect for anyone that wants to pull up their grades before the end of the semester.  Do you have a dissertation or DNP project proposal? We can calculate sample size, choose statistics. Do you have data? We can assist with the analysis and development of your quantitative manuscript.  No time to meet with us? In addition to our services, we have books in the moorestat.com shop to assist you with statistical programming and basic statistics. Do you need more practice with statistical modeling? We have apps on the moorestat.com site. You can click the ‘Moorestat App’ tab and explore. One-on-one courses are also available in our shop. We can also create a Group study by custom request.

Our Services

Statistical Tutoring

Need help in your statistics class? We provide one-on-one tutoring sessions to help you excel in your coursework, whether you need quick homework help or need to get caught up in class.

Dissertation Statistics

Are you a doctoral student or researcher who needs help with the statistical side of the dissertation? We will work with you to ensure that your dissertation is well-designed and incorporates meaningful data to validate your research. We also offer dissertation proposal services, including IRB review and sample size calculations.

Custom Practice Quizzes

Need to practice for an exam? Test yourself with our custom practice quizzes. You pick the topics, we provide the material. If you are an educator, we will help you to develop quizzes for your students.

Statistics, SAS, STATA, SPSS & R Bootcamps

Need to use Statistics, SAS, STATA, SPSS or R for your research or field? We provide training bootcamps in SPSS and R so that you can efficiently use these tools to meet your statistical needs.

Statistical Modeling Practice

Are you someone who needs to brush up on the fundamentals of statistical modeling with an easy-to-use app? Or are you a PhD student that needs suggestions for your statistical model? We designed the MooreStat app to help you with basic statistical modeling and the MooreStat Pro app to assist doctoral students who need help figuring out what statistical model to use in their research.

Translation Services

Need to translate a document from English into another language? In addition to our statistical consultations, we also offer translation services if you need to translate a document into Spanish, French, or Japanese.

Featured Books

In addition to our consultation services, we have several featured books to further help those that are struggling with statistics.

Here is our brand new February 2020 release to help you become a more seasoned professional!