Two Sample T versus Paired

I may have mentioned this topic in the past- two sample dependent T test versus paired T test. This is not a shaming session. But people think they can take a paired -t test structure and perform a two sample mean comparison. It’s not translatable for several reasons. One of the assumptions of a two-sample t-test is that your groupings do not have the same individuals . Another words, you have two totally different people in each group. Therefore, you can not take a paired-t-test summarize before and after as if you have two distinct groupings.


Your interpretation of the paired -t test speak to whether or not there is a difference between the two time points. Another words, did the patients see an overall improvement or decline in the dependent variable. The interpretation of the two-sample independent test determines if the two sample populations are coming from two different populations or not. One statistic has two dependent factors per subject, and the other has one. Know the difference.


-Moore to follow Amy

Decisions and Academics

Every now and then I write about something that has absolutely nothing to do with statistics. This is one of those times. Advice is the topic. As a student, I went through undergrad listening to different people’s advice. People will tell you all kinds of stuff and the motivation behind it can lead you on the right path. Then you have people who say things to you due to their own apprehensions. One time I was told that I should change my major to non-science related stuff because I will never get into medical school. I was also told that my grades would improve once I got to the next level- graduate school. A third person told me that I just need to sit in the library for hours on end- to straighten me out.

At some point I started to make my own decisions. And things began to fall into place – for me. I started to really focus on what would make me happy and my intuition led me on a particular path. We all have a purpose and while advice is great- it is up to us to make decisions for our academic/professional careers. So in the end, it is your gut that drives you to success rather than the advice of others. But I truly believe some advice is valuable. You just need to discern the intent behind it.

-Moore to follow Amy