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This blog is not all about statistics. I want to inspire you to change the way in which you approach life. As you should have realized by now, I am an entrepreneur. I own Moore Statistics Consulting LLC. I also own a foundation for women, Moore Statistics Consulting Foundation Incorporated. I formed those organizations to help people. My passion in life is to help others. And through my passion, I am able to live out my life’s purpose. What is your life’s purpose? Statistics is a vehicle for me to help others. No one (including myself) loves statistics so much that I would be lost without it. I would do something else. At the same time, when you are living out your passion the quality of your life is different. The quality of your work is different. You are authentic. The time flies by and you do not notice it. Because you love what you do. You ARE what you do. And the fact that you can live your life with authenticity is rewarding in itself.

Now you are reading this…you are seeking help too pursue your passion in life. It may be a degree in Nursing. It might be a job promotion. Or you just need help. But I encourage you to follow through and contact me.

-Moore to Follow Amy

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