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I am going to disclose to you an unspoken truth about on-line learning. It should not be a shock to you. If your course is asynchronous it tends to be template driven. What does this mean? It means that your course material is not designed by a course instructor.. The course design is devised to teach the masses with a particular standard in place. That can be a blessing and a curse. Templates ensure that all classes are taught with a particular standard in mind. Everyone gets the same homework assignments (with some deviation) with template learning’. The format for the tests and quizzes is regulated by the department. It’s like being served at a restaurant where everyone gets the same meal. You have potatoes on your plate and so does Johnny who sits at another table (or course). So if you get bad grades in an online course it might be the way you navigated it. Office hours are typically part of the course. You should be allotted at least one office hour per week to communicate with the teacher. If you are attending a course that has no office hours- get out of there as fast as possible. Because an online course requires communication with the instructor. You will not survive if there healthy lines of communication within your course. Check out the syllabus and make sure the course has office hours. If you read something you do not understand- ask for clarification. On-line learning assumes that you (1) have a computer, (2) are self -taught to some extent, and (3) can write an email. If you are not into asking questions- do not sign-up for an on-line course. Non-communication is a recipe for an F grade. Don’t shoot the messenger. IJS

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