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So if you pay attention to my posts on facebook or any other social media- I write books on statistics. And my books are fairly short in page numbers because I believe in the saying ‘get to the point’. No one – and I mean no one has time. You have families and responsibilities outside of your busy lives…why bore you with a lot of words which amount to a few sentences? Or maybe I just have a simplistic way of looking at statistics topics.

I recently wrote a book entitled¬† “Getting Your Feet Wet with R” which is available on amazon. And the book has 40 or 50 some pages of instructions as to how you should analyze data. Each chapter focuses on a particular statistics topic in terms of R programming. Anyone could pick up the book and learn R language on a basic level. It’s a fast read and I hope you check it out. It is also in the Moorestat shop at a discount.

In any case, please support a fellow artist and check out my books on amazon and moorestat.com



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