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I want to make a distinction between reviewing lecture slides and actually learning. Anyone can review lecture slides and gather information. It’s really a memory game to review slides and remember facts. There is no guess work involved with attending lecture. The speaker of the house gets up and recites facts and reflections for his or her listening audience. After the session, your mind tends to dismiss what was discussed during event. Most classes are ‘talks’, you listen and discuss the topics to get a better understanding of the material. But the learning aspect of your course is done at home. You need to get  familiar with the material. There is something to be said about reading. It’s just not about the ‘eyes’ taking in the words on a piece of paper. Your brain needs exercise. It needs to process the logic in different ways. You need to test out the exercises and examples. Your brain needs to…THINK!  Leaf through the pages and find a concept that you fully understand- then execute your logic on it. It’s called mental exercise and if you want to learn statistics you need to implement it!


-Moore to follow Amy

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