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I have been a dissertation consultant for a while now. I have had easy experiences. I have seen people graduate. I have been thanked for my contributions to many projects. I have had a few disappointments. And I am grateful for every opportunity to help others achieve their goals. It has a been a blast. I look forward to what this year will bring in 2019. Bring it on!

At the same time, I have also witnessed a few life lessons . Consultant work can be brutal at times. As an expert, your work is heavily dependent on faith. There are no guarantees that a lead prospect will hire you. There is no assurance that each interaction will end with success.    I grew up watching my father run his business for over 40 some years, and I could not appreciate his hustle until now. As a consultant, I am inspired to share my perspective.  Once you find the right consultant there are four things to keep in mind.

  1. Communication is key.  Often times life gets in the way or emergencies present themselves- make sure you keep your consultant in the loop. Even if it’s at the infancy stage where the work has not begun- just send them a quick note. Because it sets the tone for the entire experience.
  2. The first conversation is always free- make it count. It  helps to bring your supporting materials to your first encounter with the expert. Because then you can see first hand if something will work or not. After the first conversation, you can expect to be charged for something. Just expect it.
  3. Be consistent. Keep your appointments or cancel them in advance. Respect the expert’s time and your own. Keep in mind that you hired the consultant to reach a goal- graduation. So you should answer expert’s queries in real time.
  4. Have faith that everything will work out! Be honest about the type of help that you need. In most cases, the expert has colleagues who could help you if he or she can not! So go into things hopeful. It will be alright.

-Moore to follow Amy



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