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My father once bought us the entire set of encyclopedia britannica. The books were suppose to serve as our information source. Our world wide web had not been invented as of yet. (Am I dating myself right now? Probably so lol) In any case, if we had a question about our school work, the world we live in, or anything at all- we had to look it up. Over time, I began to resent my father for not answer our questions. Why couldn’t he just answer the question? In my mind my father knew everything. And he did to some extent because he read BOOKS. He explored the world he lived and found answers to his questions. So I really took it to heart that he withheld information or so it seemed at the moment. And let me tell you, the answer was never in those encylopedias. I would be stuck on book M for an hour looking for the answer. Where is the freaken answer? The word I am looking for is not even in the book!

I now understand the message my father was trying to teach me. The answer is a living being that grows over time. Different contributors give you a perspective of what the answer could be- but you never get the full picture. You need  as many BOOKS and resources to get a better sense of a topic. Now how does this relate to statistics? Your statistics teacher is a limited source of information. I will tell you right now, I do not teach a lecture to encompass every aspect of a topic. I choose a particular angle and teach from a basic level of understanding. So you have to decide your limits as far as fact finding. Some people focus on artificial intelligence. Others stop at inferential. You never go into a statistics class or any where and assume the information  will be handed to you in a fast food bag for instant consumption. This is not McDonalds , Burger King, or White Castles. Read your books but also research the truth beyond your immediate resources.


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