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One of the reasons I chose the butterfly symbol as a logo for my company…Actually there are several reasons. As a student, I always struggled with learning something new. I would spend hours in the library until it all made sense. There is a calm that comes over you when the facts suddenly align in your brain. It’s a beautiful transition. But you need to put the work in to experience it. It does not happen overnight. Especially if you are looking at statistics for the first time or 20 years later. But the change from cluelessness to knowledge happens over time. And anyone is capable of speaking statistics. You literally become someone else. And that’s with anything.

Remember the first time you learned how to drive a car? You got behind the wheel and you hit the gas. And you made mistakes but you kept at it because wanted to transition from a pedestrian to an independent driver. You had to learn the rules of the road. Statistics comes with rules. There is a way to analyze data. Some people are better ‘drivers’ than others. But it’s like riding a bike- you can’t un-learn statistics. Once you learn something it stays with you. And there are levels to it. Some people are into theory others prefer applied methods. But it is definitely a transformation and it’s up to you how far it goes….

-Moore to follow Amy

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