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Occasionally, students ask me to review their dissertation proposals. The objective of the proposal is to present what you are analyzing, how you are analyzing it, and how you are collecting it. There are other sections to the proposal- I am just speaking on statistics.

It is important to include how you collected the data. Where is the data coming from in terms of demographic characteristics. Who are you analyzing and why? Are you controlling for bias using randomization schemes? Do you have a convenience sample? How you collect the data will determine which statistical methods are available to you. Parametric testing methods are for randomized data. Non-parametric testing are for non-probabilistic sampling. An the methods itself should be justified with your scenario.  You should include the details of your statistical tests and identify the dependent and independent factors of the model. Your proposal is the ‘road map’ for the analysis and evidence that you are ready to rumble! Next stop is the actual dissertation! Good Luck!


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