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There is something to be said about looking at the past. Especially when you have a statistics section to write and you have no idea how to start it. You may be struggling to find the words . I mean …who walks around speaking the language? There is an art to it and I just want to point out the obvious- other people have done it successfully. Those people not only graduated- they too struggled to find the right words. Can you defer to these people to help you out ? Hmm not directly. But what you can do is visit your school library and see if there are examples that can serve as a starting point. I am not suggesting that you plagiarize someone else’s work. I simply pointing out that it helps to see previous studies to get a sense of what are acceptable submissions.

The other thing you can do is hire someone who knows how to speak statistics language. Because an expert will give you specific key phrases that should be in every methodology section. But more importantly, a talk with an expert will help you know why certain details are important for your study. It also helps you  prepares for the dissertation defense. Personally, I like to challenge my clients to understand the methodology along the way. And of course it helps to have any standard templates or lists of requirements for your paper. The structured approach always works!


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