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If you follow any of my previous posts, you know about the Moorestat and Moorestat Pro apps. And I am sure when anyone mentions the word app, people associate it with something cute , neat , and fun. The average app entertains you for a few hours and then it’s on to something else. You  might uninstall it after a few tries because it’s not something you desperately need.  In terms of statistical modeling, if you can not recognize which model to choose then an app might help you practice at your leisure.  Passive studying with an app helps the information seep in your brain subconsciously.  As an undergrad, I use to post biology terms on my dorm wall and listen to tapes of my study material while I slept. Now I know that may sound creepy to some but it helps to use your downtime as a learning period. Especially if you have tight timelines and absolutely no foundation in the topic. There are subjects that the general public know about because we do it every day. Writing comes natural to a lot of  people. We are always writing in some form or another. But when it comes to recognizing the correct statistical model- it’s only familiar to a select few.  We don’t practice it enough to be fluent in statistical language. Nor do we have a reason to remember the difference between a t-test and a Wilcoxon, for example. BUT …if you are burdened with the task of formulating decisions on the right model- my app is for you.

Whether your decision is in a work setting or school, the Moorestat and Moorestat pro apps will help you make sound decisions about the data. Each app has it’s purpose. The Moorestat app can be downloaded to your phone and it focuses on the basics : independent vs dependent variables and statistical modeling fundamentals. If I was a student who has never grasped the concept of variable types – the Moorestat app is more appropriate for those purposes. You might be cramming for a test and need a quick fix. Sometimes some information is better than no information. On the other hand, students and professionals who need to diagnose their data scenario can use the Moorestat pro, especially for dissertations or statistical projects.  An app is a smooth way of making decisions without appearing to need help. You can quietly look up a scenario in the Moorestat Pro and proceed to follow a particular direction. No one needs to know that the app is helping you to get through the workday. It’s useful just before a dissertation defense. It’s like having a tutor in your pocket.


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