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You signed up for an applied statistics course. There are two different professors  assigned to the course. Hmm that’s strange. Most statistics course have one professor and maybe a student assistant. Maybe it’s a hip new way of covering a topic. A dynamic duo teaching the course is similar to Batman and Robin. Or maybe Siskel and Ebert? Peaches and Herb? Okay you get the point. It’s just plain unusual. Why do I have two instructors for one course? What in the world is going on here?

I have personally experienced one of these courses. And let tell you it is nerve racking. The number of weeks with the first professor equals the time it takes to get use to his or her teaching style.  The second half  of the semester is dedicated towards recovering from the first or being blind-sided by the second. I truly don’t understand why schools put their students through this two-step process. But here is my advice…don’t be a scholastic drive by…monitor your grades very closely. If the instructions are unclear speak up! But taking a two professor course is not the time to go on auto-pilot. Usually, in a one professor course you have 16 weeks to get use to the demands of the course. Divide that time in half for a two professor course. Professors do not come with a manual. Each one has a different approach. So it’s helpful to be aware of the demands in a two professor course and heed the warning!


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