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This story I am about to share is from the perspective of the tutor. If you ever been a tutor you may be able to relate more than others. Most tutors have the fun experience of helping others navigate through their classes. Every session is productive and informative. The student comes prepared to ask specific questions about the topic. And each session ends with leprechauns and rainbows. When a session goes well, it feels like a big contribution to humanity. You solved someone’s minor crisis. And you think ‘hey she/he just might pass this course with my help’. Easy tutoring sessions are the reason you got involved in the first place. You just want to reach out and help someone. If only every session went that way.

Before a session goes awry there are a few hints from the very beginning. It could be the fact that the student has not returned most of your messages. Or the tone of his or her messages suggest the person is stressed out on the other end. But you can definitely sense how a session will go as you interact with the client. In my opinion, there are three  subtle hints that you should cancel that tutoring session. And by cancel, I mean you should not reschedule it ever in life.

Clue #1:  Communication is spotty.

Clue #2: You suspect you might be the tutor but all signs say ‘you are not the tutor’

Clue  #3:  The student is rushing through the session.


Let’s go over each scenario in more depth. For clue  #1, a lack of contact information means the client is not genuinely interested in getting help. Some tutors have suggested it is also an indication of future non-payment. If a student fails to provide contact information – you might be working for free. Either way,  both parties should be able to contact each other real time. For clue #2, you suspect you are not the tutor.  If the student, is resistant to taking instruction, it will be impossible to exchange information effectively. The tutor  knows the answers or  how to find it. So, it’s a waste of time to hire someone and not listen to their recommendations.  For clue #3, the student is rushing you through the lesson. If the student is not taking the time to learn the material – they will hold you personally responsible for their failure. You are better off letting this client go.

Does anyone else have tutoring experiences they would like to share?

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