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Please try to imagine a scenario where you are sailing a boat towards the island of your hearts desire. You are thirsty and hungry. The boat has all the people in your life, who are negative towards your desire to get to that island.  The closer you get to the island, the more negativity you can hear from the people in the boat. And these people are really making the trip rough. I mean the water is getting into the boat. Somebody ate all your food rations and  drank all the beverages. They even tore the sail on the boat! How are you going to complete your quest with no sail. This boat has reached its capacity.

The truth of the matter is…these people add nothing of value to your life. They have no interest in reaching your hearts desire- they could care less. After all, it’s your…heart’s…desire.  So why are they traveling in your boat. Why are you providing them with access to your dreams , your positivity, and your success which is about to become a reality? Why are you letting them take up the resources that are needed to survive the trip?  You need your resources. You need that boat as light as possible. It’s time to dock and get those people off the trip.

Some dreams are a one woman or man journey. Especially in school. No one can take that test for you. No one can learn the information on your behalf.  You need people in your life that understand your journey. Friends and family who are willing to support your goals, hopes, and dreams. And if those negative people really meditate on it, the trip may be to their advantage.

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