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Are you in a fast-pace course in statistics? Do you find yourself not being able to catch up with the material? Do you struggle to keep up with the course lecture? New concepts are being thrown at you with very little time to retain it. I have a simple suggestion. Read ahead….No really read before you go to class. If you look at the material the teacher will go over beforehand – it may help you. If you have the time, create notes on the topics that seem to be escaping you…There is a stamina effect when learning anything that requires a ‘translation’ . You start the class hour (or hour and a half) nodding to everything you hear from the lecture. At some point, our brains shut off and it’s downhill from there….you need to prepare your brain before class. Feed it the ‘choreography’ of the lecture so you are not exerting yourself the entire session. It’s like preparing yourself for a marathon, which I have done twelve times, by reading the material often before class. You are training yourself to retain the language of statistics. Try it and see whether or not it works.


….It’s been a long time but there is more to follow. -Amy Moore


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