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Often times I will come across a student who is apprehensive about taking a statistics course. It has been several years since that person has been a statistics student and he or she is out of practice. I smile inside when I hear this confession because it means you have a chance of passing the course. Let  me  explain to you why….

It has been my experience  that good students have a lot of positive traits. They work on their weaknesses and get that ‘choreography down pat’. They practice the concepts despite their initial struggle. They read several books or internet sources to further understand the required text. They work HARD. Learning statistics will not come easy and they are well-aware of it.

One popular stumbling block is calculating probability. Let’s face it- it’s a part of a statistics class that has everyone’s brain in knots including the instructor. It requires multiple iterations of practice. You must learn the statistics language. It calls for something referred to as ‘determination’. How do you overcome any topic? Admit to yourself that it is not a strength and work on it. If you don’t try- prepare to fail. Never stop trying…..


-If you enjoyed this post there are more to follow.–Amy


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