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Before you embark on examination time, there are a few little things that make a difference. It won’t make your grade sky-rocket to an ‘A+’ but it will surely save you from bombing out. Here is a short list of things to work on before examination day:

  1. Learn how to use your calculator: You know those different color button for the square root and exponential? practice getting the right answer with those before the test. The parenthesis button comes in handy at times as well.
  2. Know how to use your distribution tables. You don’t want to pick the wrong one and end up getting a series of problems wrong due to miscalculations.
  3. Know your terminology. What does a confidence interval represent? Can you put it in a sentence? What is a sample population? Can you recognize a sample from the population it came from? Can you translate your homework problems into statistics language?
  4. Know your notes cold on an open book test. If the teacher allows for a cheat sheet, make sure you have used the equations on it. Don’t just fill up the sheet and hope for the best…or think may the best man or woman win…it’s not going to work.

This is just a short list…I am sure there are more….


-If you enjoyed this short blog more to follow.-Amy



© 2017 Moore Statistics Consulting LLC


© 2017 Moore Statistics Consulting LLC

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