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Every now and then I come across a scenario where a student is taking workshop in statistics. The course may be designed to cover survival skills in statistics , such as , regression or sample size calculations. But the overall premise is to cover to share information on a general level.  It’s a medley of themes to expose you to  a particular skill set. Because the course is so fast-paced (6 to 8 weeks long), you may be given a slew of assignments to challenge your analytical abilities.  But please understand the class is not designed to make you a master-level guru.  In an abbreviated course like a workshop, you won’t cover every complex scenario that can occur in real life.

In order to survive a short-course, you need time, patience, and community.  The ideal situation is that you have an infinite amount of time to retain the information. Realistically, this is not always the case. People have families and personal responsibilities which prevent them from focusing on their class. If you can not remember the basics of statistics, it is recommended that you get help to fill in the gaps. A lot of times, workshops are not designed with office hours in mind, so it helps to seek out someone who knows the subject on a higher  level.  Your classmates are a source of information. You can always compare notes with another student. You can also find a consultant or tutor to shed some light on the topic.


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