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Twenty years ago, I decided to change careers and pursue the field of statistics. I was a data manager at the time, and I growing restless because I wanted to gain more technical experience. I had a lovely department that encouraged its people to learn SAS–and so I did. I purposely took on opportunities to learn SAS, R, and other languages. I even found myself earning degrees in statistics. My new book highlights essential statistics skills with SAS to help you make a transition from non-techy to a more informed consumer. In the book, I also share my experience using SAS and statistics in different work settings. And I feel like the book would help someone who has a knowledge SAS on a basic level but wants to know its relevance to statistics.

Will you learn all there is to know about SAS? No. You will learn how to code for certain statistical methods and data manipulation on a fundamental level. Later in the year, I will cover more esoteric topics in statistics. So this book is a great beginning to your career as a techy!

– Moore to follow Amy

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