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You are about to hike a mountain and an observer comes out of no where to inform you that its not possible. Do you still try? Do you ask why, and listen to the logic in their response? Suppose that response is logical – BUT it does not apply to you. Not every success story is based on a person who took the long hike to success. Some people find short cuts to accomplish their goals. I will give you a few examples.

Nancy obtained her Phd in applied statistics. Nancy never sat in a calculus class in her entire life.  David struggled with the GRE but he just finished medical school this spring.  Tracy gets registered for a course that is closed to the general public.  John does not have to take a series of courses for his masters because of his work experience. There are so many possibilities of what could occur that its hard to say what can not.. Your reality is different from the next person. You might have that extra thing which makes all the difference.

Words can kill dreams. I am not good enough to sit in this class. This class is too hard for me. You don’t have the skills to be in that field. You don’t have the credentials for that line of work.  Words can kill only if you believe it. Do you believe it?



If you enjoyed this short blog, there are more to follow.-Amy

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