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The overall premise of a the television show , Survivor, is to overcome a series of challenges and be the last one standing. So you see people forming alliances to win the challenges.. But eventually the cliques that formed in the beginning dissipate until  a few people are left in the competition. The teams that form are hilarious because they only share vital information within the team. If you are not part of the alliance, you struggle big time. While you are paddling up a river with a toothpick ; the alliance has found a speedboat with gas in it. You can’t start a fire for your dinner, meanwhile the alliance is having a barbecue feast. You are taking a 3 hour hike to a destination that takes the alliance 30 minutes. Why? Because the alliance has a system. Where one person is weak the other is strong. So the name of the game is to form strategic alliances that will help you survive any obstacle.

When you are in college, there are courses that are designed to weed people out. I don’t mean one or two people get an F for the semester. I am talking about 90% of the class get’s an F for the semester. I am referring to the scenario where there are no lecture notes and the professor is confusing everyone including himself. You have no idea how to study for the tests. The test are not from the text book, the lecture slides, the syllabus, or even an email. Every student in the class looks like a deer in headlights…Well almost every student except… the ‘alliance’. The alliance have put their heads together and figured out how to survive the semester. The alliance share notes; meet for study sessions; and elect a representative to ask the teacher questions about the course. There is a time to struggle alone and moments where you are better off communicating with the other students in the class. Don’t try paddle up that river with a tooth pick.


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