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I meet interesting clients all of the time. Each one has a different reason for taking statistics classes. One student took statistics to fulfill his business degree. He was working 60 hours a week and he just didn’t have the time to dedicate to his course. So he asked for help. Overtime, the student pulled his grade from a D to a B plus. At the end of his course, he thanked me for help him understand statistics well enough to speak the language. I worked with another student who just needed a sounding board for her dissertation planning. She had hit a roadblock and she just wanted someone to listen to her logic. We talked for hours in the middle of the the night, retracing the steps that led her to that point. Clearly, she had all of the answers but she just needed to organize her thoughts. That was a good session. Then there was Mindy….

Mindy was failing her statistics course and overcome with anxiety. She was a hard working student, dedicated mother, and stay at home Mom. She just wanted her masters degree. But she was struggling to identify why she was failing statistics. Mindy felt confident during the tests. She answered the questions to the best of her ability. But the grade did not reflect her efforts. And she became afraid to even attempt to do the assignments. She just could not get passed her fear, it was too much..We have all been in Mindy’s shoes during our academic career. I can recall not knowing that I wasn’t prepared for an exam until I got the results. And I remember thinking – oh I just need to spend more time in the library. But underneath it all was an overwhelming fear of failure. I became fearful of actually trying to do better. I am not speaking of not doing the assignments, I am referring to letting go of fear to do your very best. It also means enlisting the help of those around you. I explained to Mindy that the other students in the class are not more successful because of their intelligence- they get help. And so should you….learn from Mindy and recognize when it’s time to get a tutor. Give me a call or book an appointment on my site. Get the help you need! Let go of fear!


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