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I know absolutely nothing about statistics. The last time I opened a stats book was 1946. Okay? Now I have been given the task of deciding which statistical software package to use for my dissertation. So I picked the most impressive package on the market. All the bells and whistles. And I believe my coworker told me that I will learn how to use it within a week. Does this sound familiar to you? So I invested time and energy in new programming software. Poured my little heart out on the keyboard. Then I realized that do not know the programming language. I cleaned the data in that package for months. (Are you following me so far?) So another word, I purchased a software package and proceeded to ‘marry’ my dissertation research to it. Now I realize that the analysis is too complex for that package. Hmm. What do I do now? BACK UP. Re-evaluate the situation. Is there a package that I do know which is easier for navigation? Should I spend 5 minutes in a package I know or 3 weeks on software that I have to learn from scratch? And usually, when you have to learn something from the beginning it requires hiring tutors (wink) to get you through it.

Sometimes it pays to face your weaknesses and make life easier. If you can do the work in a software package that you know- why make life harder than it has to be?

p.s. If you find yourself in this predicament- please make an appointment with me ASAP. I will get you up to speed.

-Moore to follow Amy

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