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I was just sitting here on a peaceful Saturday morning, reflecting on the services I provide my customers. One of those services is the dissertation proposal. So for a set fee, you can work with me to tackle the statistical methodology for your paper. How it works is that we sit down and discuss your objectives and research hypothesis. As you talk, I picture which statistical tests will be the most appropriate for your study. I may have to explain something to you. Expect it. You may have to explain the details of the topic to me. I accept this exchange as the natural progression of things. At the end of our first session, this is only a starting point. Because your committee needs to see it. And they may ask for different methodology. Or you might be asked to re-word it. So I stay on board with you until the sweet or bitter end. It depends on your point of view. But the process has an end and you will graduate- the big picture.


-Moore to follow Amy

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