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Okay the first exam you ever took happened on a clear , crisp and wintry day. The day of the exam, you walked in the classroom like the epitome of cool. You were like Fonzerelli in the show Happy Days with the collar poppin’. No sweat (or so you thought) – I will just knock this test out the park. Sure you studied…well you looked at the stuff the entire week….I …got…this…what in the world???! You failed it. Okay no sweat (you think to yourself). I will catch up on the next one. You fail the next one….uh um hold up. I gave ‘it the best that I got’ like Anita Baker sang in one of her songs. There must be some disconnect.  Something is wrong. You also notice that your answers to the homeworks never get full credit. Hmmm. So it’s like that? I mean seriously? Really???

Okay let me keep it real with you. Here are clues that you need to get unusually serious about your studying.


Clue number 1: If half the class is failing the course, and you are one of them.

Clue number 2: The test grades are generated on a curve for every exam.

Clue number 3: Your teacher scoffs at the idea of extra credit to bring up your grade.

Clue number 4: If the book makes a cracking sound when you open it.




Now let’s break down each clue in more detail. Clue number 1 speaks to the type of class it is…know where you are…if its a weed out course study like your daddy is Joe Jackson and you are the sixth member of the Jackson Five. Do you understand me? The teacher is not concerned about the frequency of failing students in a ‘weed out’ course. Clue number 2: if the teacher has to curve the exam that means you may not get additional points if there is a grading error. Some teachers feel that a curve is a gift. When someone gives you a gift , you can not demand more presents. Imagine the end of the term when you need every point possible to graduate on time. Got the picture? Okay.  Clue number 3: your teacher puts on sun glasses when you ask for extra credit. It does not hurt to ask but typically teachers like to stick to their syllabus. I would not depend on extra credit to pull me out of a jam. Clue number 4: if the book makes a cracking sound like someone biting into an apple- you might want to start studying. Hmm. lol.

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