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I am not just a statistics tutor and teacher. I know what it feels like to be an adult student. And everyone whoever took a class understands there is one thing that determines your survival in pursuing a degree. It separates the boys from the men; the girls from the women; and the weak from the strong. I am referring to energy. It’s a beautiful thing to have momentum on a regular basis. Students need energy to attend their courses. You need energy to balance the rest of your life with school. And you need this thing , energy, to concentrate on your homework.

Now if you are like me, energy must be strategically saved for educational pursuits. Some people do better at night.  Other students have more energy in the morning. And a gifted few have enthusiastic energy after work.

Throughout my career as a student, I have identified five ways to conserve energy.


1). Eating properly: how many times have you tried to concentrate and you either missed a meal or passed out into a food coma?  Fuel =energy. I use to know a student who took a series of natural supplements (vitamins and minerals) on a regular basis. Nutrients help.

2). Watching television: I know this is the week that Terry finds out if the baby is hers..but you have to read and understand ten chapters from hell. You can afford to miss one episode of The Bold and the Restless. Tape it.

3). Avoid procrastinators: Congratulations on deciding to pursue your education. You have big & tall dreams. You are trying to move mountains and shave down ice bergs with your mind. Goals are great and you like it! Well, some people don’t like goals. Heck, some individuals can’t stand the fact that you have goals. Know who the procrastinators are and save your energy. Enough said.

4). Read the chapter before the lecture: I know it sounds nerdy doesn’t it? The average student waits until they get home to make sense of the class. If you read the chapter before hand it helps you focus more on the theory- saving energy. This is true in any  mathematical statistics course. You need to identify difficult concepts to question in class.

5). Be practical :  Okay it wasn’t a secret that the Multivariate Statistics course is an energy eater. So why are you taking it with mutant Ninja courses just like it? You are not an action hero in Rambo movie. Let’s be sensible about this….

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