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Let me get a number one with a coke. I don’t want the fries but it goes with the meal. Let me read this book in Barnes and Nobel until it’s time for my movie. Why don’t I sign-up for this three credit course in Real Analysis so I can meet my 15 credit requirement for next semester. Wait..no…what?! There are certain courses that require you undivided attention. You have to be ready. I mean be prepared for the black hole of study sessions where no matter how hard you focus it’s just not enough…I will give you a list of classes that require Gatorade, snacks, mental and physical support.I will give you a rating of the course on a scale of 1 to 4. A score of ‘1’ means you will be alright. Scores of 2 or 3 means you might miss a few social functions studying for it. And finally a score of 4 means you need to start studying for it before the semester starts cause you are in for a world of hurt. The reference to a ‘weed out course’ means it is designed to kick out the weakest link.

Classes in Statistics

Intro to Calculus= ‘3’  (weed out course)

Calculus II  =    ‘2’ or ‘3’

Intro to Probability = ‘2’ or ‘3’

Real Analysis = ‘4’ (weed out course)

Statistical Computing =’1′ for the computer literate  ‘3’ for the non-technical

Any Proof Writing Class= ‘4’

Categorical Analysis without proof writing =’2′ not bad

Intro to Pre-calculus = ‘2’ (weed out course)

Linear Algebra without Proof writing =’2′

Linear Algebra with Proof writing= ‘3’ or ‘4’

Applied Statistics Course  =’2′ or ‘3’

Algebra 1 =for people strong in mathematical manipulation ‘2’ or ‘3’ for non-math people

Multivariate Calculus= ‘ 3’ or ‘4’  no let’s keep it real ‘4’ a strong ‘4’

Differential Equations= ‘3’


Hope this helps!


Does anyone have more to add to this list?


If you enjoyed this blog there are more to follow…-Amy






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