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How many times have you wanted to ask a teacher a question but you didn’t want to appear stupid. A question means you  need help. A question represents a weakness in logic. Questions mean you are not keeping up with the class. The lecture is in perfect formation and that one question will break the moment of the class. All eyes will be on you. So it’s better if you just keep quiet. Never mind there might be people feeling the same way in the class. Or perhaps the professor will misinterpret no questions as an invitation to add more complex questions on the homework. See you professor could be the type who tailors the lesson to accommodate those who are confused and need help. So a question may help the teacher be more specific about a particular topic. Maybe the instructor inadvertently neglected to provide all the details on a subject. Whatever the case may be, your question might save the class a semester of confusion. It’s a silent alarm that should tell the professor that something is wrong here. It’s a signal to the teacher to take a second look at their approach and change it. Your question is important.

And your time is valuable. Why would you spend two hours with the “architect of your future exams” and not ask questions? The lecture is a paid window of opportunity to find out what the professor is thinking. Don’t you care to know what he or she is thinking in regards to the topic? I encourage you to ask questions in class.



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