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Are you struggling with statistical concepts? Can you have confidence issues when it comes to implementing what is in your statistics book? Do you have anyone who could listen to your logic and review your notes? One day I decided I will learn every chapter of my statistics  book.  I wasn’t in class. I had no upcoming exams. I just wanted to learn so I put an entire text book in my own words from cover to cover. And I had a great friend who was a statistician, he listened to my interpretation(s) of the concepts. I really cherish that time because it helped me clear-up a lot of confusion in my mind. Sometimes, we get into the habit of thinking that reading is learning. I believe that explaining what you understand is also a part of the process. If you can explain what you read to someone else, it forces you to put things in context for your brain. It gives your reading exercise purpose. I highly recommend it.

Recently, I created a new service that I call ‘Cloud Lifter’, a place where you can submit short paragraphs of statistical concepts in your own words. It is also a place where you can submit feedback on your practice quizzes purchased from my shop. The objective is not to give you a letter grade for your work. The reward is that it helps to clear up the inaccuracies in your logic. If you had a hard time visualizing what you are reading- Cloud lifter is for you. Talk it out…get a better picture of your view…gain confidence in your learning process.

Visit the tab on the home page labeled ‘Cloud Lifter’.

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