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You ever find yourself in a class that requires some form of statistical programming software and you barely statistics? I can count the number of times someone has said to me ‘I have this homework assignment and I do not know statistics nor the software language’. It is very frustrating to take a course where you barely know your surroundings and you are expected to produce all of this knowledgeable output. I will never forget my first statistics class with software learning requirements. I was sitting in the computer lab at Rutgers with my snacks (got to have food). And I glanced at the homework assignment and froze because the homework assignment involved learning a computer language to complete the homework. And I eventually learned it. I got over that hurdle and I realized my calling in statistical programming languages. There are types of commands that will get you started with learning a statistical programming language in 20 minutes. The following is a short list:

  1. Learn the commands for reading data into the software. Every program has codes or features to assist with importing data. Reading in files should be the very first command that you teach yourself. There are plenty of resources out there for learning code.
  2. Learn the commands for performing frequency counts. You can google the commands for certain statistical output. It’s good to have in your arsenal for classes.
  3. Teach yourself scatter plots, histograms, and box-plot commands. Most classes will require you to know how to generate your own graphs. And some teachers may let you submit your work  any language.


I love the statistical programming arsenal at UCLA. I think whoever maintains that site really wants people to learn different languages.

I published a book on learning statistics by using statistical software, namely SPSS. The book covers basic data manipulation and programming techniques. It also explores why we use certain test statistics. If you are lost in your statistics course and statistical software is a requirement- this book will help you. Check it out!

Here is the link:  http://a.co/ajK1zfP

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