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The world of Art is indirectly related to mathematics/statistics courses. Wait I will explain why. When you are sitting in a math course and your instructor flawlessly graphs a 3 dimensional ellipse you are witnessing art. In statistics you have to visualize , for instance, the area under the curve. In terms of the Z and T distribution, you must be able to locate your alpha region on the bell curve. Sure the lectures are important. The words give life to what you read in the text book. And in some instances, your professors words may cast light on concepts which were glossed over in the your reading. But the graphs are as useful in statistics, as they are in a calculus class. The illustrations validate the words. Especially when the graph shows differences between groups in terms of height, symmetry, shape of the statistical model. Pay attention to your illustrations, they are important. If you can draw, include it in your lecture notes. If you show statistical significance, try to support your evidence with a box plot, histogram, scatter plot, Kaplan Meier some other visualization. It helps you learn…


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