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There comes a time in your applied statistics career where you have to design a data file. The typical file has a certain number or rows and columns. The columns represent variable names and the rows represent a subject or patient. Often times, you might discover that your file is not designed to generate a particular statistics. Your rows need to be columns. Or your columns should be rows. There is a statistical programming procedure where you ‘flip’ the file so arrange the order. Transposing the file will help you re-structure your data.

As far as I know, most statistical software packages that make a transpose possible. The sas command , proc transpose, will help you re-structure the file. Actually. I prefer SAS for transposing files because you can view the before and after effect in real time. But I am sure there are other ways to approach it.

Transposing of files can produce amazing illustrations, reports, and graphs. You should try it.


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