Data Queen – Statistics Analysis Topics for Nurses


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Are you a nursing student struggling with your DNP or PhD projects? This book empowers nursing students to succeed in their data reporting during the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond. Nurses will gain a complete understanding of how to write statistical methodology as well as have enhanced knowledge on the use of statistics software, data collection and sampling. This book is designed to go over statistical programs such as SAS and R and works to break down the process of completing a project. Bring out your inner Data Queen with this book!


How Will You Benefit? 


Topics Include the Following: 


  • How to turn your data into a no-fluff proposal

  • How to effectively display and present your data for presentations 

  • How to organize data flow of a DNP project by factoring limitations in a person’s working environment into the data collection 

  • Have Data Conversations with Faculty

  • Write Statistical Methodology for Proposals

  • Problem Solve for Issues with Data Collection During the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Data Reporting 


….. And Much More! 

 Previews of this book are available on Amazon.Please visit the author’s profile link here


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