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When you write a paper about numbers, keep it simple. Your translation of ideas from numbers to every day language – should be easily digestible. I should be able to eat my sandwich and casually follow your research, the methods, the results, and conclusion. There is something to be said about transparency in write-ups for numbers. If you state a claim, include the numbers. If your write-up has tables, the content should include your parameter of interest. Themes should be carried throughout the report. The numbers you promise to present in the beginning¬† should be part of your discussion point. Know your career field very well. Sometimes, there are numbers which SHOULD be included in your write-up. For instance, you do not report a mean statistic without the standard deviation. You should not claim statistical significance and your p-value is missing. What does your count represent in terms of percentages? Do your numbers represent the entire picture? Or a sample? Who is in that sample? Where does it come from?….. When you share a write-up keep the numbers in mind.

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