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You are in a stressful situation. You signed up for something  and you are not prepared to see it through…now that something could be a new project, a dinner party, a course, or  (heck) the Olympics. I don’t know what you signed up for….I do know this…you need to perform well. No distractions from the crowd of naysayers. No doubting your abilities or telling yourself, I can’t do it. You don’t have time. If you do not have the tools to complete the task- you need to buy some tools. Do you need to make a three-layer cake and you can’t even make toast? You better get on Pinterest, Google, or call Martha Stewart and Snoop Lion for help. Learn whatever it is so you can get through it. It’s called perseverance and determination. As a teacher, I have seen situations where a student will sign up for my course and forget the objective- to learn the material. And I get it, stress can often distract one from completing a task. It’s like cooking. If I can’t bake that three layer cake because I don’t even know how to boil water- I may get distracted. I might concern myself with the packaging. I might start to think negatively about the weather that day. Or how I look in my cooking outfit.  Focus on the task! Get that cake done! Pass that course! You will be happy you did.


-Moore to follow Amy

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