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So a lot of times people overlook the range statistic because it’s not that informative. The range can tell you how far the minimum value is from the maximum value. That information might be valuable as  ancillary statistics. But truthfully the spread of the data does not tell you much about the standard deviation or the median. People rarely ask ‘Well what was the range?’  The reason for the lack of interest in the range has to do with its variability. One sample may have an outlier that another does not. It’s hard to make any general statements in regards to the range. If you take a moment, to think about it…the range is one of the least informative statistics in your descriptive. The median, mean, standard deviation,  mode, and variance speak more towards the way the data behaves in the sample. So when you study these statistics terms think about what information you obtain from it. I have seen questions related to the usefulness of a test statistics. This is just something to chew on…



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