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We have all heard the old phrase ‘those you can do..those who can’t teach…’ and it’s quite funny because you have  ‘to know’ how to ‘do’ in order to educate those ‘who don’t do’just yet.lol.


Teachers are not mere orators who recite  text book facts for a listening audience. Anyone can be a good presenter. However, a teacher is skilled in aspiring people to become a ‘doer’. A teacher is the master ‘doer’.  You see,  every teacher has made the moral commitment to share what they have learned and  how to ‘do’ .  Let me stop playing semantics and give you an example.

There is a clever exercise in  applied statistics courses where the student has to come up with a research hypothesis. In order for any ‘doer’ to conduct science – they must know how to formulate his or her research question. And the research question has to be very specific as it will drive the details of your analysis. If your intended question does not align with the analysis- you wasted time. Specifically, you must know the parameters of your question. What variables will help you answer the research question. What type of trend are you studying? Is there a test statistics to help answer that research question? You need a course to help train you into formulating those questions. You need teachers teach courses… to help you ‘do’.


If you enjoyed this short blog there are more to follow.-Amy

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