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Some certification exams require that you demonstrate an understanding of statistics. There is a way to study the statistics for one of these tests. The key is to have consistency when reviewing your material. Each week should be dedicated to a particular topic up to the day of the exam. Also, you want to practice taking the exam. You should have access to a source that can provide practice tests and quizzes. I recommend that you hire a tutor or join a course to give your study habits more structure. In simplest terms, you want to pass the exam…not pass out all together. Studying random facts is great. But it’s more helpful if what you are studying will actually be on the exam. Any teacher or tutor, should be able to tell you what key phrases and methodology could be on the exam. It’s a matter of sitting down with a professional and letting him or her see the topics that will be covered by the testing institution. It’s not that difficult.


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