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Studying is an art form. Some people have mastered it. They know how to break things down in sections. They got their water and food breaks down pat. Their game is tight. Other people don’t have to study at all. I HAVE SEEN THIS…I will never forget this one student I use to see in the Student Center on Rutgers campus. This guy spent hours playing video games. You never saw him study. He would just show up for test day, glance at someone’s notes and take the test. And he always aced it. Always. But one day I asked him how is he able to take a test without studying. His answer was simple and plain. He said ‘Oh I had this class before as a kid’. When you have seen something before it is very easy to duplicate it again. Anyone who has ever taken a class more than once can attest to this situation. You know what is coming so you can anticipate it.  Now the studying process is supposed to prepare you for what could be on the test. If you don’t have a clue what to study, you need to find study guides that highlight the essentials. Every basic statistics test will cover a set number of topics. People who have experienced the course are also a good resource.  Tutors, teachers, and peers can help you.  It’s not cheating to study materials which highlight specific topics found in any classroom setting.  Think.

Now, as a teacher and a student of statistics I have compiled a quiz bank. The quizzes focus on basic skill sets that must be mastered in order to succeed in your stats class. I offer these study materials to students, as well as teachers. I also develop custom quizzes for students who are struggling with a topic. The quizzes are in the shop. Happy studying!


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