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People say you can’t possibly know success until you fail at something. I can recall a time when I seriously failed  Chemistry class in undergrad. The grade was so low that I thought someone mistakenly put my age on the test paper. It was that low. As a matter a fact to this day, I couldn’t tell you what went on in that class. Well, it’s over and I survived it. Yes, there is an after-life when you fail at something. There are three things I have learned from failing that class. I have learned that if you are not good at something, ask yourself the question: do you really want it? I mean seriously, if you want to pursue a topic for study go for it! Put the extra hours in and do it! If you do not want something, ask yourself do I need this course to graduate? If the answer is yes then go for it! If the answer is ‘no’ then drop … that …course. If you stick with a course that you do not love, like, or need- you are wasting everyone’s time including your own. To Thine Ownself be true.

p.s. the other two lessons I learned from failing (2) it means you are capable of getting an A in another topic, and (3) your grade is not your identity or destiny.

-Moore to follow-Amy

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