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If I ever want to get something done, there are a few places that enable us to focus (in my opinion). Here is a short list of my favorite places to get paperwork or computer tasks done:

Top Five

  1. Starbuck’s:  Good place to sit and use your wifi and the “eats” are not that bad. Let’s face it, the drinks are better than the eats depending on where you go…And the steady buzz of customers is low enough to drown it out and get work done. The tables are tiny, I suspect because they want you to finish your beverage and get up. lol. But that’s just my educated guess…and nobody pays it any mind.
  2. Barnes and Nobel Cafes: same difference. Same coffee sans more protein-based snacks.
  3. Panera Bread: Great place to meet people for meetings.  Good wifi. The table size suggests get comfortable because you will be waiting for your food for a while.  Time moves slower in Panera. It just does so get use to it. Take off your coat and stay a while…work on your stats.
  4. Library: Plenty of places to crash and just knock out a few chapters (uninterrupted). Wifi is decent. Not a great place to snack. But the tables size suggests this is a place to do work!

Wherever you go, it has to be comfortable for YOU.  Personally, it takes me a long time to retain reading material. I have to read things multiple times and break down complex concepts into its simplest form. So a quiet book store is up my alley. It all depends on the person. Some people consider  noisy area very peaceful. It depends on the person. Which do you prefer?


-if you enjoyed this blog there are more to follow.-Amy



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