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I recently released the Moorestatpro App on this site. My goal was to develop something that helped people perform statistical modeling. Decision-making is the most important skill to master in statistics. It’s liberating to think on your own and execute statistical models with confidence. And the app does just that- it takes information from your data and gives you solutions to the model.

I will give you a few scenarios where the Moorestatpro App may help you.

(1) You are working on your homework and you need to perform a hypothesis test. You have no clue how to approach it. And it is due in two days – get that app to help you narrow down which method is valid.

(2) Chapter 3 and 4 of your dissertation calls for a regression analysis and it’s  year 5 of your PHD experience- you just want to graduate. Your adviser is asking for a statistical method and you don’t have a life line to call – get that app.

(3) A bear is chasing you and you have to choose the appropriate graph for your data. (okay the bear example is a bit extreme).  Get that app!

(4) Get the app!


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