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I tutor people of all ages and backgrounds. And I hear all sorts of explanations as to why they are having difficulty in the course. If I were to take a poll tomorrow, I would guess that the number one reason has to do with confidence. Let’s face it, if you are out of practice for years – you too would have a confidence issue. A few years ago I found myself in a Multivariate Calculus course. It felt like I just finished a  big Thanksgiving dinner just before I run the NYC marathon. You feel out of shape. You feel out of place. Heck..sitting in those tiny college seats is down right uncomfortable. And it doesn’t help that you are surrounded by young, vibrant peers who eat math for lunch, breakfast , and dinner. The confidence busters are endless. If the class is a requirement, your only alternative is to build your confidence. Here is a short list of ideas to prepare for your upcoming semester:

  1. Read before class. Something happens to the brain. I am not a psychologist or a doctor, I just know what happens to me. When I read before class, the WTH factor disappears. WTH= What the heck is he or she talking about? At least you know what’s coming. That’s half the battle.
  2. Get use to math again. Practice calculating basic algebra. Because (ironically) a lot of classes only require an ability to multiply, add, divide, and subtract. Think about it. Am I lying or what?
  3. Make friends in the class and form connections that will be dependable. Most of the time, the approachable students are the ones which exchange numbers and share knowledge. If someone stares in shock at  the thought of exchanging contact info- keep it moving. It has to be a valuable connection. Only the real ones get that fact.


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