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The difference between master- level and undergraduate courses is the level of expectations. I will be real with you, undergrad studies is designed to weed out the weak. And it does just that …if you look at any course with over 100 students about half of them disappear by the end of the semester. But if you are one of the select few that chose to continue on through a master-level program- it get’s better. Life improves for you because your courses are for people who are in adult hood. Grown-folk who attend master-level courses,  can raise a family and have full-time jobs. So it is assumed on the master-level , that you require less supervision and everyone is a professional. Hence the term ‘master-level’ course. Your homework is more reasonable (quality over quantity). You can go outside and breath fresh-air, and just know that your course is designed to teach you something. More importantly, you are receptive to it. Because you chose to be there…Keep that in mind.


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