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There is an art to asking questions for better understanding of things. You have been staring this equation all night. Everything else up to this point makes sense. Or you could at the very least apply the model to a particular example and get the right answer. But there is this one equation….there is always one. Or two. A whole section can make a person go – huh? What in the world is this?!  You have no idea what it is or how to use it. Here is what I suggest you do about equations that have no hints of logic to your brain. Get a pad of paper and a pen – start writing out questions. What am I looking at? What does this symbol mean? When do we use this according to the text? What is the scenario that calls for this equation? Do I understand the math symbols? Now I have found when I start asking questions- sometimes the answer can be in the book. Other times, you need to get on the internet and google a math symbol to see it’s purpose. It’s called self-study. People hate self -study because it requires a lot of your time. But it’s a lot better than saying ‘I don’t know what this is…but if I stare at it long enough it might say something to me’. It doesn’t work that way….


–Moore to follow-Amy

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