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We have all asked for help in one form or the other. The key to receiving help is knowing when and how to ask. If you are not specific enough about your request, you won’t get the right help. As a tutor, I hear different requests from time to time. My most successful experiences have been when the person can articulate the help they need in detail.  I have listed some common ways people ask for help and included an alternative way to make the request.
Ways People ask a Tutor for Help                                lp
1.       Help, I don’t know what I am doing!
Alternative Approach:
1.Would you explain the instructions?


Ways People ask a Tutor for Help

2.       Help, I am failing this class!
Alternative Approach:
 2. Could we go over Chapter 2?


Ways People ask a Tutor for Help

3.       Could you help me read a excel file into STATA
Alternative Approach:
3. Could help me import  10,000 files   in STATA ?
 Ways People ask a Tutor for Help
4.       Help me submit this statistics project.


Alternative Approach:
     4. I need guidance on the SAS code
It’s called making yourself accountable for the tutoring session. If you don’t request help in detail, you are leaving it up to the tutor to interpret what you need….Have you ever met with an educator and your question does not match the answer given to you? There is an art to asking for help.
If you enjoyed this short blog there are more to follow.-Amy


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