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So you have homework and you are afraid to start it. Most of your apprehension has very little to do with the fact that the teacher gave vague directions. You are afraid to try…It’s scary to attempt something and fail. Performance anxiety is real in a statistics class and a lot of students are so intimidated by the material that they put off their assignment. They fail not because they’re not smart. Intelligence is the ability to jump through hoops at a fast pace. But if you are crippled with fear, it will make it harder to jump through those hoops.

Here is what I suggest…when an assignment is handed to you…look at it and ask the teacher questions about the instructions….use your notes. If there are videos – watch the visual aids that are available to you. Youtube is pretty good at explaining how to approach things whether its a t-test or statistical methods in SPSS.

So first things first…get up and try. Don’t think just do….



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